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About Us

Our Story

Fabuluxe promoters, Harsh and Nippa are originally of the ‘House of Jewels’ fame where they were designers and manufacturers of export quality Diamond Jewellery. Their jewellery was lauded not just in India but also to HNIs with discerning taste all over USA. As an extension of their creativity and their own penchant for beauty around their home, they created Fabuluxe – a Luxury Gifting Solution. Nippa & Harsh have channelized their creativity towards designing masterpieces made of silver, silver coated alloy or resin. Nippa has, in fact, been certified as the ‘Best Jewellery Designer’ by the Gems and Jewellery Industry of India and has taken this creativity and love of design to the gifting range that she has lovingly created. Additionally, Nippa has retained her aesthetic sense of jewellery by creating a premium range of Belgian-Cut Diamond Jewellery for Fabuluxe. Harsh & Nippa have also maintained their association with the industry by bringing the best and most authentic of precious and semi precious, natural colour stones to like-minded connoisseurs. These coloured stones include gems like Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Tanzanite, Coral and much more. If you’re looking for genuine Colombian Emeralds or Burmese Rubies, Fabuluxe will provide Gubelin & GRS Swiss Lab certified stones to you that are imported straight from the mines, are cruelty free and of course beautiful to behold. Fabuluxe also helps source high quality, GIA certified diamonds of size. Knowing that diamonds are a source of happiness to women world over, Harsh & Nippa help buyers find a stone that fits their need without compromising on the cut, colour or quality. Fabuluxe was created out of the promoter’s love for all things beautiful and alluring. Harsh and Nippa have always put a lot of thought into every gift they have ever given and thus understand how overwhelming the choices can be. With Fabuluxe, they wanted to create an avenue where quality-conscious folks like them could find the perfect gift to give to people who matter. For this reason, each piece is thoughtfully designed and intricately crafted to be an expression of love. Based out of Opera House, Mumbai, Fabuluxe is growing with each passing year. Currently, the brand is making its presence felt by way of exhibitions and pop-up stores and will soon be available for e-retail, thereby, allowing them to provide luxury gifting solutions across India.

Our Mission

Our passion design helps our team curate the finest items for luxury gifting to ensure that every present creates an unforgettable 'moment' and is the epitome of impeccable taste and sophistication.

Our Vision

Our distinct vision, is to spread happiness through gifting, with our range of opulent and bespoke wedding gifts, silver gifting articles, Diwali gifting articles & More.